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What’s Homzmart?

Homzmart is your first destination when it comes to home remodeling and designing. Our mission is to link between customers and service providers by creating a community where professional share their designs and projects and customers share their reviews based on their experience. So basically we are aiming to a balanced, well organized relationship that managed by an online platform for remodeling and designing.

What are the main benefits from having a Pro profile on Homzmart?

Reach more customers: by being visible for millions who use the internet on daily basis to searching for remodeling and designs.
Make more money: By having attractive profile that help you to win more jobs from customers.
Get reviews: from your previous clients, which means higher ranking on our website.So new customers will definitely reach you.

WIll I pay any fee?

NO fees for creating a profile and sharing projects on the website.

How can I create a profile on Homzmart ?

It takes few seconds to create your profile, all you need to do is:-
● Press on Sign up icon we have on the upper right corner on your screen.
● You can sign up with your one of social platforms OR Update needed data and proceed.
● Sign up as a professional and update all information related to services that you provide.
● Also you can share your social media pages link on your profile. After that you will be directed to your profile page where you can update your projects and profile data.

What are the main tabs on my profile?

1. Overview: where you can share with others quick introduction for your business.
2. Projects: to share your previous projects with details. So you can consider it as a marketing tool for your work.
3. Reviews: To access all reviews you received and requested reviews from your side.
4. Messages: contains Messages threads you have between you and other users.

How can I get 5 stars profile?

Getting 5 Stars profile is dependent on list of KPIs that affect your profile strength:-
1. Writing an Overview for your business
2. Complete contact information (Including basics: Phone-address -categories and services you offer).
3. You have to create at least 3 projects.
4. Photos, the more images for previous work you have, the higher your score.
5. Rating , the higher the rating, the higher your score.

How can I reach the support team?

We are always available for help through different channels:
● Our FAQs covering the main concerns that you might have.
● If FAQs are not answering your question clearly, you can check How to Videos that show you how some activities are managed.
● Although you can reach us through the contact form.
● And definitely our account managers will be more than happy if you contact them through the same phone numbers they contacted you from.

how much will the cola amount be for 2018 and when will i receive it?

how much will the cola amount be for 2018 and when will i receive it?